Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Glass... In photography, there is no substitute for glass. Vibration Compensation, Image Stabilization, ultra high ISO, none of these can completely replace a big chunk of melted sand for focusing and reproducing an image.

Take the most advanced sensor based Image Stabilization body, and put a "kit grade" lens on it. Compare the quality of photographs with that lens against those taken with the same body, IS turned off, and a fixed focal length prime lens. The prime lens will always produce a better image.

Naturally, any good prime lens built for todays DSLR (or traditional SLR) costs a serious amount of money. The best available Canon 50mm EF L f1.2 lens costs more than $1200 today. MORE than the bodies most of us using consumer or pro-sumer grade paid for our whole kit. I am not sure about you, but until I can convince someone to actually PAY me for my art, I won't be able to justify a purchase like that for some time.

That brings us to the purpose of this blog... how can I get that kind of quality on the cheap? The answer lies in Old Glass. There are mountains of old SLR and viewfinder lenses still out there today that have plenty of life left in them. The trick is, HOW can we use them on modern equipment? Enter the adapter!

Through the course of this blog, I intend to document my attempts to improve the technical quality of my photography by finding creative ways to re-purpose older equipment.

I have some equipment on order that will allow me to attach some of the older lenses I have to my Canon EOS system, as well as to actually USE the Rollei 35 RF I recently purchased, and as it rolls in, I will update this blog with my results.

Stay tuned for more!!


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